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Leah Sanford

Leah Sanford

Co-Founder, Kelford Inc. + Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur Coach

, CA




About Leah

I’m the “business hug every entrepreneur needs”—at least, that’s what my clients tell me. I’m an entrepreneur, teacher, coach, and mentor. Every day I apply my skills and bring my broad experience in marketing, operations, and teaching to get dreams, strategies, and processes off the page and into the world successfully and joyfully.
As co-owner of Kelford Inc., I spend a fair amount of time translating complex entrepreneurial emotions and desires into clear operational, financial, and marketing actions so our clients can achieve meaningful business results and lifelong desires.
I practice what I preach and teach—structured joy to move you through your day, overcome barriers, and unlock opportunities. You can’t spell functional without FUN, and that’s what you’ll get with us—joy in the process, enjoyment in your business, and the structure to keep things moving strategically.