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John Collins

John Collins

VP of Product | ♾️ Paddl Co. | 🧠 Ed-Tech | 👾 Gamification

Melbourne VIC, AU




About John

I'm a UX/UI obsessed Tech Product Creator who believes that resumes need to die, interviews need a shake up and the whole 'world or work' is going to completely change... like, now. That's why when I was 19 I wrote a business plan to influence some change... Since then:
  • I've had 1 'north star' mission.
  • Produced 5 web applications.
  • Found 17 Investors who believe in the mission.
  • Worked with people from 15 different countries.
  • and built 3 online communities of 20k +

Paddl is number 5. It's the culmination of 7 years of 'failure,' mistakes and lessons. I now work with a team of over 12 extremely talented people from 9 different countries. We still have the support of our 17 amazing Investors. And, we're building a Global community that's growing everyday.
We will succeed.
Find out more at: