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Dominique Fisher

Dominique Fisher

Co-Founder & CEO Paddl Co.

Melbourne VIC, AU




About Dominique

I have a passion for commercialising technology - from satellites 🛰 , biometric security, voice recognition software, optic sensors, reverse auctioning and communications software to eCommerce marketplaces and now a learning experience platform!
Paddl Co. is my passion and my focus. Paddl is an edtech company upskilling employees and emerging talent to thrive in a tech-driven world. provides members with direction and evaluation on employer valued upskilling to accelerate their success.
Paddl encourages upskilling with a purpose (mission driven upskilling) and provides the means to identify and measure progress, including the most universal skills of all - innovation, digital, technical, creative, communication, collaboration and leadership.
Providing the means for our members to learn, practise and master these skills is at the core of every Paddl product and service.
My co-founder John Collins VP of Product and I and our amazing team are determined to ensure that learning and upskilling is fun, rewarding and purposeful. Come and join us -!



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