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Karunya Chrsitobal Lydia Selvin Durai

Karunya Chrsitobal Lydia Selvin Durai




About Karunya

I am recent graduate in the field of Electrical Engineering from the University of Melbourne. My interests lie in the field of power electronics, power engineering and automation (control systems). I am looking for work experience in the above mentioned areas of engineering. I did my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
I have successfully completed quite a few projects during my years in the university. The latest project is my final year capstone project for Rubicon Waters wherein I modeled, designed controller for the downstream valve and ensured the smooth functioning of the whole system.
The other projects I have done are the design of Gameboy, temperature controller, controller for power converters.
The project I undertook in my undergraduate degree is the design of power converter that harnessed solar power and generated uninterrupted power supply with improved power quality. This project was proposed as a solution for the load shedding problem faced by the Electricity board in Tamil Nadu, India