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Nicholas Kleeman

Nicholas Kleeman




About Nicholas

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Graduate with experience in education and psychological consulting.
My interest lies in positive/behavioural psychology- how we can create mindsets and social environments that promote wellbeing in workplaces, communities, and life in general.
Main experience includes:
  • Internship and then Researcher/Assistant Consultant at PeopleScape. I spent 6 months working with my role involving running the psychological assessment process, preparing wellbeing and performance workshops, and assisting psychology consultants. As a researcher my main project was researching, developing, and designing content for the latest research on Authentic Leadership. With the aim of the content to produce more genuine, self-aware, & empathetic leaders to drive wellbeing and performance in the workplace. I worked alongside the two company directors with this Authentic Leadership project with some of the material currently being rolled out across many workplaces in Australia.

  • I have been to over 20 schools throughout Victoria in my role as a Youth Mentor and Presenter with Elevate Education. I taught study, time-management, memory, exam preparation, resilience and mindset skills to 12-18 year olds. Over 97% of students responded that they would recommend my seminars to other students and I won a Team Leader Award for my efforts at Elevate Education.

  • I am currently training to be a learning facilitator in a remote Nothern Territory indigenous town. This is a voluntary role where I will be an activity leader in a holiday program that is run biannually by TeachAbout in Minyerri. I will be living in this community for the whole of January both facilitating learning and gaining much knowledge about indigenous culture and teachings.