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Naej Blanchard-Dunn

Naej Blanchard-Dunn




About Naej

My name is Naej Blanchard-Dunn and I'm currently a Western Sydney University, Aboriginal student, studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Media Arts Production.
I am a Quandamooka and Budawang woman, deeply passionate about Creative Industries and Marketing. I have always greatly enjoyed being an active Aboriginal member within my community participating and attending as many Aboriginal recognised programs available. During my schooling both Visual Arts and Photography were passionate subjects for myself, as I was extremely enthusiastic about growing and improving on the expression and generation of my ideas, visually. These skills I have acquired through High School have now assisted my University studies in the Advertising and Film based subjects, I have since completed. Journalism is another area in which I have completed through my degree and this success came my passion for creative writing and story telling, entering many competitions through my early school years to realise my creativity on paper. My work experience with various Media team has taught me valuable skills, such as professional writing and editing as well as allowing me to be constantly conversing with different people on a daily basis, enhancing my knowledge in developing professional and friendly connections with those I come into contact with. I possess a very positive attitude towards my work and my team, and also a desire to ensure I'm up to date with all new skills and procedures needed to complete my tasks. I also possess a large amount of creativity and ability to work in a team environment, applying diligence and persistence towards any task, especially an area in which I have passion. I am a fast and active learner, and enthusiastic towards learning new skills and taking on new opportunities. My creativity, diligence and persistence towards any task is an major asset of mine and I am looking forward to future oppotunities that will be on offer.