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About Kirat

I am First year Bachelor of Commerce student with a strong work ethic and loves to learn new things to be challenged. I Effectively handle pressure and provide diversity to the environment. Also i am know for problem solving skills and ability to think in a fast paced environment. Job title: General Assistant Company: Nanak Trucking Ltd Start date: 22/11/2016 End date: 2/01/2017 Role and responsibilities Got an insight of the logistics industry Worked closely with the accountant and the manager of the firm. Learned the necessary accounting software needed. Got to know different marketing strategies and how to implement a deal. Found out the uses of a petty cash book and how cash is recorded. Moreover got to know how a firm comes up with its break even point and budgets.
Other experience I volunteered in the Stand out shout out charity organisation. It is one of the largest charity organisation in Kenya that has helped the less fortunate in the Kibera slums and built libraries for the government schools and hosted events such as providing sanitary pads to women that cannot afford. I also took part in many sporting events to raise money for the less fortunate.
Achievements/qualifications: Member of CPA Australia Member of Deakin Commerce Student Society Presidential Awards all 3 levels Geelong hockey club Sikh Union hockey club City & Guilds certificates with a first class pass Top 15 in school in IGCSE Captain of School hockey team
Career goals: Looking to excel in the field of accounting. Chartered accountant is the most prestigious level in accounting and i would love to reach that level. So far i have overcome any obstacles that have prevented me to reach my goal. I need to show people what i can do but most importantly i want to show myself that not giving up was the best choice. I do not want to stop at just becoming a CA i would want to reach the peak in my career, be well known for my good actions in the field, be paid the most. After CA i will end up pursuing my PHD degree in accordance of work. I will want to change how people look at accounting as a career and still make it the most chosen career choice even though technology is taking over. I will want to show people that us accountants are better than the technology they will use to do our work. I will want to change the world. All this are not my dreams because i know i will make sure this will happen.
Personal brand: My strengths I can lead. Being a hockey captain and a team leader occasionally , i do not think leading will be an issue Working under pressure Coping to change easily due to undertaking the Presidential Awards Up to date communication skills and problem solving skills My passions I love challenges I like working in a team as it makes work more fun and efficient Learning new things
I have experience in interacting with people all over the world. Moreover i have experience in different countries hence increasing diversity. I follow orders with no questions asked unless i feel that something is not right.