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Orange (Shiang-Yuan) Kao

Orange (Shiang-Yuan) Kao




About Orange

Software engineer in embedded Linux & test automation.
• Software design with quality in mind, in Ruby, shell script, C and C++.
• Test automation for embedded Linux platform.
• Start-up mentality: can-do and risk-taking attitude. Never stop improving.
• IELTS 7.0
Career objective
• Deliver quality/reliable product, especially for mission critical or safety purpose.
• Deliver quality solution by working closely with users and other stakeholders.
• Be sensitive and build/maintain the culture. If there is a chance that the company need me to lead or coordinate on something, lead with authenticity and integrity.
Software Engineer at Lilee Systems - November 2012 to February 2016
Propose the vision and help the company to reach new heights in test automation in quality assurance and manufacturing.
• Reduce test time by 92%.
• Reduce false positive rate from 15% to 5%.
• Improved test coverage.
• Design and implement (test station) software for quality assurance and product manufacturing purpose.
• Read schematics, datasheets and implement the test automation software for component level testing.
• Testing the test automation solution itself to ensure smoother manufacturing.
• Provide emergency update solution for critical firmware bug.
• Continuously evaluate and integrate third-party products as a test tool. Utilise power relay, PLC, multimeter and programmable power supply to minimise manual interaction.
• Cooperate with hardware design, compliance, and NPI engineers and provide help in EVT, DVT and PVT stage testing.
• Work closely with EMS providers, understand their way doing things, and adjust the software to smooth the production flow.
• Identify, reproduce, document software/hardware issues and discuss with relevant personnel.
• Troubleshooting and root cause analysis for defect products.
• Use thermal shock chamber, industrial fan/blower and thermal imaging camera for thermal-related test and troubleshooting.
• Test result analysis and data visualisation.
Software Engineer at Kat Digital Corporation - August 2008 to July 2011
• Establish a unified build environment (chroot) for consistent build result.
• Implement daily build and handle build error on the next working day.
• Most contributions to the corporate wiki.
• Project coordinator – troubleshooting for issues discovered by PM and QA and communicate with relevant personnel.
• Design and implement build automation, from source to firmware update and NAND image.
• Design and implement firmware update with AES encryption and RSA digital signature verification.
• Perform NAND reliability test for possible bugs in Sigma Designs' NAND driver.
• Open-source software porting/cross-compilation to MIPS platform.
• Linux software development.
Features may benefit SMEs
• IT support – Manage and organise cables in the server room, configure link aggregation, VLAN, and troubleshooting for the corporate network.
• Troubleshooting for access control and burglar alarm system.
• Safety awareness to protect colleagues from electric shock, trip and fall.
• Understand the concepts of ISO 27001 and disaster recovery plan (DRP).
• Miscellaneous support – such as installing white board on the wall and removing garbage on the top of mineral fibre ceiling.
Extracurricular activities
• Tzu Chi Chinese School Children Wonderland volunteering – 19th March 2017 to present
• NewCo Sydney 2017 volunteering – 8th and 9th March 2017
• Global Leadership Program, Macquarie University – August 2016 to present
• Open day volunteering, Dunmore Lang College – 20th August 2016
• Traditional Chinese translator, KeePass Password Safe – March 2005 to present