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About Xinlong

Hey, my name is Xinlong Liu and I come from China. I just graduated from the K4C 2+2 Marine Science Bachelor's program between the Ocean University of China and the University of Tasmania (Australia). My study focuses on Marine and Antarctic Science, particularly the field of physical oceanography. I applied for the PhD project at the University of Tasmania and the master's program at the University of Hamburg (Germany). I love eating delicious food, travelling, and bushwalking.
In my freshman year, I boarded the DONGFANGHONG-2 research vessel to investigate the ocean properties in the coastal areas of Qingdao, China. I was also a tutor for "Linear Algebra" in my sophomore year. In the final Honours year, I finished my Honours project called "Characteristics and Trends of the Campbell Plateau Meander in the Southern Ocean" as well as joined and chaired a session at an academic conference about oceanography and meteorology (ICSHMO) under the guidance and help of my supervisors.
My primary goal is to pursue an academic career in physical oceanography and polar studies after I receive adequate training during my PhD and postdoctoral periods. I sincerely hope to become a scientist in the field of Marine and Antarctic Science like my supervisors but becoming a civil servant and working in the government are also a good option for me.