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About Naomi

Currently a PhD candidate with a thesis entitled, 'On the Road to Damascus: Theorising transformational encounters in art galleries and museums'. In 2020 Naomi, was an invited presenter at The International Conference on Narrative, New Orleans, with an interactive presentation: 'Demonstrating and Theorising the Development of Shared Narratives through Embodied Art Encounters'. In 2019, at the 19th World Congress of The International Society for Education Through Art. (InSEA) at UBC Vancouver, she presented a one hour interactive performance lecture of her peer reviewed article, ‘Embodied, emboldened and recursive art appreciation - exploring identity through contemporary art’, published in Australian Art Education, Volume 39, Issue 2 (2018). In 2018 Naomi published, 'A Game Approach to Art Appreciation: Encountering art with a plucky, brave and spirited disposition', in the peer reviewed journal, Australia Art Education Vol 39. No.1. In 2017, Naomi was the co-recipient of The Pat Parker Memorial Residency with Blacktown Arts Center that resulted in a major public art installation of over 2000 hand-crafted paper dandelions created in collaboration with the Blacktown community. In 2013, Naomi won the Museums and Galleries NSW International Fellowship to Dallas Museum of Art for her work in art education and her curation of interactive, interdisciplinary, family-focused art exhibitions. Naomi’s own creative practice is inter-disciplinary, including traditional forms such as painting and drawing as well as performance, projection and sound works. Her most recent projects include Veil of Wishes, 2017 - 2018, Truth and Dare at Lost Paradise Festival, 2015, and in 2014, Truth and Dare on the Dual Caminos and the Dorothy Postcard Project with Dallas Museum of Art.
Naomi has twenty years experience in art education and has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and a Post Graduate Degree in High School Visual Arts Education and a Masters of Creative Writing.


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