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Wei Wang

Wei Wang

Carlton VIC, AU




About Wei

“The one thing I truly enjoy about my work is that I make a difference,” says an IT manager for Kaiser Permanente. My decision to involve in the fastest-growing IT industry was informed by this saying. My father who has been suffering from severe hypertension and heavily depends on the healthcare software to take anti-hypertensive drug played a major role in helping me realize how IT impacts people’s life, provides more insights into the patients' health and delivers more effective and efficient care.
As a graduate student of the Department of Computer and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, I have been successful in immersing myself in the process of acquiring, managing and analyzing information. Apart from the sound academic foundation I have laid in my specialty, I have successfully managed full-time study, along with paid part-time work which demonstrates my ability to prioritize and manage my time and responsibilities.
I have also participated in the development of the existing business system for the FESCO Adecco and worked as a project manager assistant. This practical experience covers the knowledge of project management lifecycle and examines the fundamental principles of IT project management in light of project team formation, costing, task scheduling, monitoring, risk and quality management, negotiation and conflict resolution. I also gained a project manager's perspective on the types of problems encountered and methodologies for dealing with these problems.
I am also proud of my internship at eBay. I was so lucky to be assigned to develop an asset management system which is used in different sites of China (exclude Hong Kong). Through the development process, I realize the importance of understanding users’ needs and how easy the situation can go wary. This project adopted user-centred design which is a powerful philosophy. We learned from users and the feedback they provided. Ultimately, we develop a website that suits the situation of different sites in three months.
As an avid reader of science magazines like Discover and New Scientist, I thrive on the cutting-edge technologies and advanced theories. At the same time, I actively participated in many activities organized by the college, such as participating in intercollegiate basketball games on behalf of the college and representing Shanghai in the national finals to perform drama, because I love the passion and joy of working together as a team. The experience of dealing with difficulties and winning together with my peers will motivate me to keep moving forward. From the above, I feel that I have reached a plateau in developing the analytical and management skills necessary to achieve my full potential for mitigating compliance risks and proposing increasingly creative corrective measures.


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