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Wei Ming Timothy Goh

Wei Ming Timothy Goh




About Wei

I am a Singaporean, looking to embark on a journey in the cooking industry. For that reason I have chosen to study the Commercial Cookery course with MCIE. I have chosen to study Commercial Cookery as I have finally discovered something that I am genuinely interested in, which could be a livelihood too. As the popular saying goes, ‘choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. I have always wanted to develop myself professionally in something that could bring joy to people. All my life, I have been trying to figure out what would be a meaningful and suitable career and chose to study Electrical Engineering as it seemed to be able to offer a stable prospect. After graduation and serving the army, I worked as a first aid trainer and an aviation security officer, both of which were meaningful work, but something was missing within me. I am excited to be able to say now that I would like to become a chef. It is my dream to dish out palatable food to the table that will bring joy and smiles to customers. Not too long ago, I started cooking for my family (as my mother had injured her hand), and that is how it all began for me. Unfortunately, they do not enjoy my food sometimes and admittedly, it is frustrating. However, the few times that they enjoyed my cooking was pure ecstasy, as if I had struck gold. I really hope to be able to learn from the best in this field of knowledge as my family has been quite supportive of my decision on making it a career as they value my passion above everything. My living expenses and my tuition fees is also well taken care of by my mother and she is happy to continue supporting me while I am in Australia. Upon graduation I hope to be able to work in a reputable restaurant. My grand dream is to become a world famous chef. I would like to work in Grand Hyatt and many other chain of Hotels including Intercontinental, Hilton, Taj etc. as a Chef and the reason for it is that I believe that working with the world class Hotels will give me ample opportunity to grow in my career. I have chosen to study in Melbourne because many people have told me that Melbourne has a great food culture. It is true - I experienced it for myself when I came here for vacation and truly enjoyed the variety and quality of cuisines. I believe that studying here will allow me to gain more exposure to the rich food culture here, which is different from that in Singapore. Upon graduation, I will be able to bring this wealth of experience and knowledge back to my country, to deepen and intensify the Singapore food culture. I intend to start working at as a junior chef in a hotel where my cousin is working as a Manager in Singapore. I am someone who is full of energy and enthusiasm. Despite being in physically demanding jobs that required long hours of work, I often received positive feedback on my positive energy from my bosses and customers in my previous companies. Challenges do not deter me when I am invested in somet


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