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About Olivia

My name is Olivia and I am currently in the process of completing my Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree. It is a 3 year course that allows me the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful within the industry workplace. The course requires you to complete compulsory core subjects, such as Product innovation and Management and HR, whilst allowing you the freedom to choose electives to dive further into specialist marketing subjects or alternative paths of study. I have chosen to explore Criminology and forensic interviewing as it is one of my strong interests outside of Business that I want to learn more about. By the completion of my degree I aim to have some industry work experience to ensure I have the capabilities needed to succeed in the workplace.
I am currently seeking a casual position that compliments my current studies and will help me gain a further insight into what it is like in the workforce, whilst helping to apply my current knowledge and skills to gain further understanding and comprehension. Although a correlating relationship between my current course and employment would be beneficial, I am open to all opportunities to further my skills in team work, communication, organisation and experience within a general workplace.
I currently have experience being an integrated member of the hospitality and retail industry as casual jobs whilst I have been at university. My experience being in a boarding school has positively shown be the challenges faced when having to work in an environment of differing values and abilities in order to be self-driven and succeed.
I would love to join in a workplace to develop my skills and challenge myself in a positive environment.