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About Ophelia

I am currently pursuing Bachelors in Business majoring in Management at Queensland University of Technology. I am an International student and hold a Diploma in Business from Queensland University of Technology International College. My current GPA is 5.5. I have a passion for writing and talking to new people. I love writing creatively, have fluency in English with a keen eye of detail towards little nuances in grammar, punctuation and syntax while writing.I am a social media savvy and have a passion for artistically and creatively writing on social media posts and blogs with good and meaningful content. Previously, I have worked for a Marketing Company called Mavriq Global thus, have marketing experience too. I currently am volunteering at Oaktree, a not for profit organisation. I am involved in conducting workshops for High School Students and posting social media posts and managing content online to support the cause of reducing poverty in the world and creating a difference by fundraising and raising awareness through social media and by building meaningful conversations with people. I have strong customer servicing skills with effective communication and presentation skills. Along with being a team player, I also love to work in a challenging and fast paced work environment. I also love meeting new people and believe each person has a new story to tell which is a factor that amazes me and helps me engage and learn new stories by meeting new people.